For me it is always hard to find words, when it comes to writing about myself. But since you are here, then you want me to capture your wedding on photo or video. So you deserve to know a little about me.


My name is Vladimir and I have started as a videographer. It captured me entirely back in 2003. Then all I knew was that I wanted to make and create wedding films in my own style, accompany the video with good music, travel and get acquainted with really cool couples in the process of my work. This approach has not changed, and now, several years later, I am happy that my work has given me a lot of amazing moments and acquaintances with amazing people whom I can safely call my friends. I can say the same about photo shooting too, which was always another big passion of mine. So today I am happy to serve you both a videographer and a photographer.

If you want to get to know each other better, write an email or just call +39 351 6236090


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